Summer Vacation in Masbate, Philippines

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Vacation, it is the most awaited days of students. But how do we spend are vacation? Do we spend it wisely and productively?

For me, vacation is the time to get longer sleep, longer shower, read novels, watch movies or dramas, take pictures of people and scenery and spend more time with the family.

This vacation I slept almost 12 hours per day, I was shock that I will woke up just for lunch. I often skipped the most important meal — breakfast. But for good note, I also read 3 books which was Paper Towns by John Green, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and also Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I watched movies like detective Conan The Movie series and Pinocchio a Korean Drama.

I am also practicing my voice for incoming Team Search of IIASC, this is an Org Event.

5 Choices:

1. Documentation Team (writers and photographers)

2. Events Team (Staging, Manpower and Technicals)

3. Public Relation Team (Host)

4. Graphics Team (Layout Artist and Video Editors)

5. Talents Team (IA Bands and IA Dancers)

I asked my brother about this and he told me to choose Documentation Team as photographer. Then I ask my classmate since 1st year 1st sem up to now and she told me to choose Talents Team as singer. Lastly I ask my former classmate when I am in 2nd year Highschool and now transferred in FEU Manila and she also told me to choose the Documentation Team as photographer and when I ask her why, she told me that if she’s not aware of the course that I am taking, she’ll be expecting me to be a photographer student, and I felt a little flattered by that. Though at the very end, I am still not sure, what to choose.

When my Lolo and Lola decided to go in Dacu, a beach in Masbate, I felt that I can took a beautiful shots there. And I did it. Indeed vacation help people to catch up with their relatives, like I did.

Vacation is a really great experience that we can’t all say no.



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